Configure Stripe

You only have to follow these steps if you use Stripe for payments.

Payment provider

Set the payment provider to "stripe" in the .env file in the web root.



If you use Stripe your webhook url is Replace "" with the domain or subdomain of your installation.

You can configure this in your Stripe dashboard if you go to Developers > Webhooks > Add endpoint. Or click here.

Stripe - Add webhook

API keys

Go to Developers > API keys to get the Publishable key and Secret key. Enter those in the .env file in the web root.

Stripe - API keys

Add product

Go to Products and click the "Add product" button. You only have to enter a name and a price ("Standard pricing"). Only monthly recurring is supported. Don't add a "free trial".

Stripe - Add product

Click "Save product" and you will see a screen like below. Copy the API ID. This starts with price_ and looks like price_1Gz2U9FClLTitVS9B01ZH1xT.

Stripe - Product

Loyalty Platform plan

Log in as an administrator in to the Loyalty Platform and go to Settings > Plans. Here you can add or edit a plan, and paste the API ID in the Stripe subscription ID field.

Now the Stripe product is linked to the Loyalty Platform plan.

Stripe - Loyalty Platform Plan