Create an App

Select the server you just connected and click the "Create App" button. A form like below will show.

ServerPilot - Create app


Choose a name for your app, e.g. "01loyalty". Incoming domains are routed to the first app (alphabetically sorted). It is therefore advisable to make sure this is the first app by starting with "01".


Enter the domain (or subdomain) you want to use for your installation. You have to edit the DNS of this domain, and create an A record that points to the IP address of the server you created.


Leave the WordPress box unchecked.


Select the server you just connected.


Select PHP 7.3.

System User

Enter a username, e.g. "loyaluser".

System User Password

Enter a strong password. You will use the system user and password to upload the script with SFTP later.

Create app

Click the "Create App" to create the new web app.

Create database

Open "Databases" in the left menu and click "Create Database". Enter a name (e.g. "loyaldb") for the database and copy the generated username and password. You will need these later when configuring the script.

Enable SSL

Open "SSL" in the left menu. If you have configured your domain correctly, an SSL certificate will be generated. This will take some time. Once generated, click "Enable AutoSSL" and "Redirect HTTP to HTTPS". You can complete this step later if the DNS has not propagated yet.

Now proceed with the next step.