Installation form

The installation form will fully manage installation. You can skip the manual installation below.

After installation you can login with:

Proceed with the next step to finalize the installation.

Manual installation

Now the .env file has been updated and uploaded, you can access the server with SSH. For this you can use PuTTY.

If you open PuTTY, you will see a window like this:


The following describes how to install with your Digital Ocean and ServerPilot accounts. If you do not use these, replace the Digital Ocean and ServerPilot credentials and paths with your own.

In the "Host Name (or IP address)" field enter the IP address you received by mail of the Digital Ocean Droplet. Click "Open" and a screen like this will open:

PuTTY login

Enter "root" and hit return. Now copy and paste the password you received in the Digital Ocean Droplet e-mail. Hit return again and you are logged in.

Now enter the commands below. Replace words between brackets (e.g. [app name]) with the names you have chosen during installation.

Enter this command to navigate to the installation directory:

cd /srv/users/[system user]/apps/[app name]/public/

Install script

Enter this command to migrate and populate the database, generate an app key and JWT token:

php7.3-sp artisan install

If you do not use ServerPilot, use php instead of php7.3-sp:

php artisan install

Executing this command may take a little while. When it is finished, you can open the url where you have installed the script, and you should be able to log in as an admin with these credentials:

Proceed with the next step to finalize the installation.