Download Zip

The Zip file you download after purchase has a file structure that looks like this:

  • The docs directory contains this documentation (index.html).
  • The public directory contains all files of the script.
  • The updates directory contains updates for the script. Read more about how to update the script.

Upload files

Use your favorite FTP program to upload the files. Make sure you select the SFTP option and use the system user and system user password you have entered when creating a ServerPilot app to connect.

The path depends on the system user and app name: /srv/users/[system user]/apps/[app name]/public/.

Upload all files in the public directory to the root of your website (/srv/users/[system user]/apps/[app name]/public/). Not the public directory itself, but the files in it so the structure on your web root looks like this:

/srv/users/[system user]/apps/[app name]/public/
    |   .editorconfig
    |   .env.example
    |   .gitattributes
    |   .gitignore
    |   .htaccess
    |   artisan
    |   composer.json
    |   composer.lock
    |   package-lock.json
    |   package.json
    |   phpunit.xml
    |   server.php
    |   webpack.mix.js

Now you can proceed to the next step.